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Holla If Ya Hear Me... OoooOOoooooOOOooooooo...

love it when you look @ me baby...

i love that song, hehe.

ne ways, i am home... today was kinda depressing... i woke up, then went back to sleep, then woke up again... talked to carlos, watched tv, lauren and carlos came over, watched some more tv, looked @ my stitched, got scared and almost fainted, took some drugs, went to sleep, daniel called, carlos called, watched some more tv, wrapped nanny's present, talked to hazel on the net, lauren text messaged me, lauren and carlos came to visit me again, and now i am here... wasn't my day exciteful?!?!... oh yes *rolls eyes @ my day*...

today my mommy bought me a pink sapphire and diamond ring... it's SO pretty!!... tomorrow we're going to port st. lucie to visit my nanny... i'm excited, b/c i haven't seen her in almost 3 years, but i am also tired and want to stay home and nap, but i want to see my nanny, so that is where i am headed for the weekend... i hope i can convince my mom to take my car, b/c it's so much cuter, and it's tinted, so it wont be as hot, and also it's just my car, so of course i'm going to favor it!!...

i am being deprieved of 3 things that i either love or enjoy greatly!!...
1. talking as much as i'd like to
2. driving
3. kissing/sex
it's driving me crazy being deprieved of these 3 things!!... they're like my 3 fav. things and nope, i can't do any of them, except for talking, but i am deprieved of that too, b/c i keep losing my voice!!:(

well, i think i may go night night soon... i dunno yet... i'm tired, but i'm not... i can't decide... hhmmm *ponders tiredness*

kk, night night all...

Love always,

P.S. adam and gina... i called both of you today, and y'all say I am bad with calling ppl. back, ppsscchhtt!!
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