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Borderline Zero...


hi all... i haven't updated in such a long time... i've been mad busy, so that is my excuse as to why i have not updated...

i enjoy my last entry... tell me is SUCH a good song... it's my fav. song right now, and i bought the cd, so i can listen to it 24/7, hehe... i'm such a dork!... i realized that i have gotten/boughten 7 cd's in the past month, and i am buying the khia cd on friday, b/c it's a mad good cd!!... right, lauren??... very dirty, but none the less good!!:)...

ne ways... i called FGCU tonight and they said that they got my application on jan. 3rd, so i was like, yay!!... then, i tried to apply to edison, just in case, ya know, but it was being ghetto and didn't work, so i emailed them and hopefully they can help me out, or else i'll just go and ask in the office @ edison tomorrow...

my college classes are okie... i have government, economics and advanced composition 2, now i was SO not informed of this advanced comp. class, but i like english, so it's okie!!... and i have fun people in my classes too... in gov. me, lauren, jen, katie, keith and jared are in there, then in econ. me, lauren, jen and jared, and john is nice too, except when he is whatevering lauren, right lala??... lol... show him some more boobies!! hehe... ne ways... then, in english me, lauren and amanda are in there, and that's cool too, so i am slightly amused... me and lauren were funny today and yesterday listening to her khia cd... lets k-wang w/it and lick it... hehe...

i'm listening to a song called, 'let's get naked,' hehe.

ne ways... i was such a dork tonight!!... i went to daniel's after he got home from the gym, and i got out of my car, and left my keys inside, b/c we were going to leave in a few, so it didn't matter, so i went to go in my car, and i had locked my damn keys in the car!!... i was SO pissed!!... so, we tried to open my car up with a wire hanger by the light of a lighter... very ghetto... lol... then, i tried to push the window down, b/c it worked @ melon's last year, but it didn't go over very well tonight, then i told him to open it by my trunk, but apparently you have to get a hammer and fuck up the whole lock, so i was like, nevermind, lol... ne ways... so, i had to call my mom to bring me a spare key, so not cool!!... oh well... i was happy we got to spend time together tonight... it was fun!!:)

well, i need to go night night soon... i wish i didn't have school tomorrow, b/c i have a really big urge to put all my cd's in my new cd stand, and clean off my desk and organize my closet, but it would take me forever to do so, so no...

kk, goodnight all... i'll write again one of these days... i promise... hehe... buh byez... *waves*

Love always,

ne ways... tonight i was such a dork... daniel called me when he got home from the gym and
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