Suzie Q (otownchickita) wrote,
Suzie Q

Tight Hips Huggers, Low for Ho... Shake a Little Somethin' on the Floor...

yay, i got the new christina cd... it is highly amusing!!... it's all carlos' fault, lol...

ne ways... i have been such a slacker with updating, so i shall update what's been up now...

so, friday night daniel (this yummy boy) called me, and we went out... we had planned to do so like a few days before... so, we went to the movies, but there wasn't anything of interest out, then we went to bowl, but csmic bowling didn't start till like 11, and it was only 8:30ish, so we went to the beach, and it was so cold, but he kept me all warm-like, and he kept telling me how gorgeous i was, and everything and i felt so very much special, then we went to his friends house, and that was interesting, lol... nothing else said, but interesting, lol... then, today i worked, shopped on my break, and got some really cute hip hugger jeans, and 2 really cute shirts for like work and to look pretty in, then i came home... called gina, b/c she called me, but she was with kel @ her house, so i called carlos, and me and him decided to go to ft myer's, which was fun... we shopped... chilled... ate... etc... then, we went to wal*mart and danie called me again to tell me he didn't go to any parties, so i dropped carlos off and went over to his house and spent a lil while there... his puppy is so cute.. aawww:)... we had fun, just chilling and talking and whatnot... he's so sweet!!:)

kk, well, i think it's night night time... i have to work tomorrow, such joy, but wendy and becca are gonna be there, and i think lacy too, so it's all good!!:)

buh byez.

Love always,
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