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You're Pushing and Fighting Your Way...

i hate it when someone is mad @ me... why do i do the stupid things i do?!?!... i don't want any answers or comments on that ??, please... i am just asking myself... please, don't be mad @ me... you mean a lot to me, and i love you as my frinds, eventhough you don't think so... i promise i do... please forgive me!!:(

today was not very much fun @ all... school was yucky... i was sweating when i woke up, when i got out of the shower, and after that for like an hour or 2... it was horrible... then, in 3rd and 4th hour i was freezing cold, and my sweatshirt was damp, so that wasn't fun either, then @ work i thought i was going to die... i had lots of stuff to do and it was pretty busy, and i was feeling all yucky, and my customers weren't being very nice, so i was like about to cry 1/2 the time... like i haven't done that enough in the past few days...

tomorrow i have my act's, and i don't wanna play... i am so sick, and sitting there for like 4 hours does not sounds appealing @ all!!... i hope me and carlos are in the same class room... i don't want to be all by myself and lonely-like!!... well, i think it's night night time...
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