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hi all... tonight me and lenny went out... it was lots of fun... 1st we went to chili's, and we didn't have to wait @ all, even though it was busy, so that was very cool, and lauren and carlos showed up too, but they left quickly... did y'all even eat anything??... then, we went to the movies and saw bring down the house (i think that was the name), which was okie, it was funny, but kinda ghetto (literally), then i saw becca, who goes to fau now, and i was telling lenny bout her earlier, so that was pretty cool to see her there, then we sat in my car and talked for a while, which was cool, then i took him home, b/c his car is in the shop till tomorrow, and he said he'd teach me to drive a stick, so that i can drive his mustang, i was like, yay!... so, ne ways... my night was fun, and now i am sleepy... night night time has come upon me...

good night all...

Love always,
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