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*Shakes Booty* & *giggles*...

i am in a very amused mood... i dunno why, but i am... i am such a slacker @ updating and so is everyone else, i see... oh well...

ooo... i love eminem's new song... it's on... he's SO fucking hott... *stares @ em. calander & drools* hehe... so, i filled out my FAFSA online tonight, i feel very accomplished, now i just need to get myself accepted to college, which i am going to work on tomorrow morning... i hope it works *crosses fingers & toes*

so, i went to the beat club the other night... SOOO much fun... omgoodness... i loved it... all the guys i danced with were like, damn, you're a mad good dancer... i know how to shake what my mamma gave me- hehe. this 1 guy told me i make him sweat just watchin me dance, i was like, whoo!!... yeah, i love to booty dance, it is great, and like right now i am very happy, i dunno why, but i just feel very accomplished and adult-like, well i am now, but not only b/c i turned 18, but b/c i am graduating soon, and i'm not going to be living @ home anymore, and i'll be off to college next fall, and i have so much to look forward to with all that, and also getting a new job or transfering with my job, and getting an apt., and clubbin' every weekend, and meeting new people, and so much fun stuff... i am just all excited!!

i think the reason why i am so hyper right now is b/c i took a 4 hour nap this afternoon/evening... it was some much needed sleep, so i am off to do some alg. 2 work- maybe, lol.

buh byez all!! *waves@everyone*

Love always,
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