Suzie Q (otownchickita) wrote,
Suzie Q

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Fuck You, Suzie...

yeah, that is how i feel right now... me and daniel are not together anymore *sighs* *cries*... i guess it's for the best, and things were never completely normal in the 1st place, and he was inlove with his ex the whole time, but he just made me happy, and we all know that i am a dependent person, and i like to be in a relationship, so i dunno... he still has my tlc and 50 cent cd's, but i don't want to call him to get them back, b/c it will just hurt too much to talk to him, so unless he calls me i do not plan to call him... i think he thinks we'll still be friends and whatnot, but he knows i'm not happy, b/c he was like, you don't have to pretend to be happy, and i was like, i'm not... trust me... so, yeah... well, fuck me, again and again and again... i think i'm gonna go and cry myself to sleep, b/c staying awake just hurts too much... night night all... i hope everyone's night was better than mine... bye bye.:'(
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