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You Suck My Burton Like a Hard Smoked Pipe...

lol@me... i amuse myself WAY too easily, can anyone tell??

so, i am in a MUCH better mood today, than my last entry!! YAY!!... daniel called me saturday, so i was a happy camper and we went to see biker boyz, it was good, and kinda sad... i almost cried like 2 or 3 times, hehe. then, we were leaving and we got to my car and 2 crack heads *coughgina&carloscough* wrote lil notes in the dew on my car, so me and daniel were all trying to read them, then i opened the door and there's a note on my steering wheel, b/c we left the door unlocked, so i was pulling out and gina and carlos popped out and scared the crap outta me, then we went to get gas, and daniel saw a car driving around without any lights and guess who?? lol... stalkers!!!!!... hehe, it was funny though... i love being stalked!!... LOVE IT!!... right, gina??...

ne ways... i am still afaird to have surgery, but there are a lot of people who are gonna be thinking bout me, and praying for me, even though i am not very religious or anything, i still consider myself catholic and i do pray and believe in praying, so it works!!

well, my people, i am off... i don't know when i will be updating again, b/c i don't know when i will be home next... i'm supposed to go to port st. lucie this weekend too, so sometime or another y'all will here from me again... wish me luck on wed. all, K?K!

Love always,
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