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Sad and All Alone...

that is kinda how i am feeling right now... i called daniel back after he called me while @ chili's and no answer... he's probably out back camping, and doesn't have his phone with him, even though i told him i would call him when i was finished eating... i am just very much depressed... i haven't seen him since tuesday, and it is now almost saturday, and next week, after wednesday i wont see him till i don't even know when, b/c i am not allowed to drive until after the 13th. i just want to be loved or @ least cared for... i think i overanalyze things, and i know how our relationship is and all, but i need more right now... i'm scared, so scared of next wednesday, i just want to cry, oh wait... i am. i don't mean to whine, i just need to vent, b/c there is no one that wants to talk to me right now, and i feel so very alone... well, i guess i will go and cry myself to sleep... such excitement... good night all, i hope everyone else is having a better night than me.
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