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ChesNUTS Roasting on an Open Fire...

jack frost nipping @ your nose...

now, do those lyics really make sense??... you're obviously sitting by the fire if your nuts are roasting, so therefore jack frost should not be nipping @ your nose... k, i'm done.

ne ways... the other night (sunday night) me, lauren, gina, kelly and carlos all went to gina's house and had our lil christmas party... 1st we ate yummy luigi's pizza, then we chilled around the tree and opened presents... i got a tinkerbell journal, the j.lo remix cd, a black cordless phone, a fun plaid purse, a waterball, lots of nail polish, a martini glass, etc etc... that's all that i can remember right now, but you get the point... we were ALL highly amused... then, after that was proceeded to ms'mores, lol... that didn't exactly go over very well, but it was okie... how come when people make s'mores on tv and in movies they are always SO perfect?!?!... lol... oh well.

my mommy made me go to church tonight... blah... kara quick was there... did expect to see her there, then this girl named barbie, wh graduated lie 2 years ago sang, and i remembered her from chorus... i'm not too fond of her, she was SO much of a suck-up, but she was nice to me when i 1st moved here and all, so maybe i shouldn't be all i don't like her...

so, i just hung up my red christmas lights around my vanity mirror and aroud the bathroom door... they look SO pretty!!... my mom says it looks likemy room is a whore house... red lights... whore house... yeah, no... lol... they are pretty and look sexy, hehe!!:)

well, i need to go finish wrapping a few presents, then i think i'm going to watch beauty and the beast (oh yeah, i forgot i got that too, hehe... thank you lala!!:))... i hope daniel calls me tonight... he said he would try, but it's christmas eve, so i understand if he doesn't... he called last night and we are gonna go out probably on friday or maybe thursday... we'll see... yay!!:) im all excited-like... hehe.

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