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Question Authority: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?!...

lol... i find that humorous, and i know lauren and carlos do too... hehe...

ne ways... the doctor called my mommy while i was @ work today and said that there is for sure a sist(sp?!) on the vertabrae, in my throat, so i go back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully, since it's new, and little i wont have to have surgery or ne thing... i am scared, and my mom is not helping the situation!!... she's all paranoid and she's like no more chocolate, no more caffiene, no more fast food, and i was like, ew, i don't eat out that often, are you calling me fat and putting me on a diet?!?!... and i like started to cry, and she was like, no... you aren't fat, you just need to eat healthy and take care of yourself, b/c you get sick too often and blah blah blah... yeah, i still think she was calling me fat!!... i hope i get better soon... with this and being sick... it's like blah!!

ne ways, i got my evaluation back for my quarter grade for ojt from manager tonight and i got all 4 out of 4's this time... i am sooooo proud!!... and he also wrote a comment saying i am very mature, and i am the best high school student he's had the pleasure to work with... i am like, yay!!:) i am so loved!! hehe. lol... phil(my dept. manager) found this piece of paper saying something about tattoos and piercings and he was like, hhmmm... and i was like, what are you gonna get pierced phil?!... your nose, your labret?!... and he was like, i was thinking about something else... i was like, aw, you are dirty!!... and he was like, i'm not the dirty one, you are th one who's thinking dirty and blushing, so i hid behind a manican, lol... it was funny... i guess you had to be there, but it was amusing... i blushed a lot today, lol... ken, robert and alex told me i was blushing when they said i looked really good today and my hair was all fun-like, and alex was like, she's blushing b/c she knows it's true... lol... it was cute... he's cute, but i think he's too old, and he's not my type ne ways, but he's fun to talk to and whatnot!!...

k, so lately i have this obsession with watching mtv from 10-1... lol... like i watch whatever is @ the 10 spot, then it's usually a re-run of something @ 111, then @ 12 all things rock is on, and i am obsessed with this show/countdown... i dunno why... benji and joel are hot for 1, and good music for another... so, there are my reasons, lol...

okie, well, i should go night night soon... i have to go in early to make up 2 quizzes for world religions, b/c i didn't go yesterday or today... such a slacker i am... it was SO lauren's fault... lol... im j/k lala!!:)

bye bye all...

Love always,
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