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Catholic School Girl Gone Bad...

i want a shirt that says that, but i cannot find it anywhere!!:(... ggrrr!!... me and lauren were talking bout that subject... of catholic girls being naughty... yeah, that would be me... hence the reason i want the shirt!!

ne ways... my throat hurts... i went to the doctor friday... i hate being sick... it's SO not fun @ all. so, today me, lauren, gina and carlos went to wal*mart, then we picked up gina's bro. from school, which was amusing... we were all harrassing the lil middle schoolers, and while dirrty was playing in my car this stupid ghetto boy was all riding his bike like right next to my fucking car, so i was like yelling @ him and telling hm to gethe fuck away from my car... lol... it was funny... then, we dropped nic and carlos off @ work and went to big lots... that place is fun... who knew biglots had cool furniture... lol... i got my yummy barbie lotion... it's really sparkling rasberries, but it smells like a barbie, and i cannot find the spray ne where, cept target where its in like a 4 pack, which isn't cool @ all, so i figured the lotion would do.. okie, well i need to go night night.... bye bye all...
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