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i'm freezing... i have a sweater on, and the heat is on and i am still cold... i'm sick again, and it's not fun @ all!!... i stayed home from school today, i felt like crap and i also didn't feel like dealing with anyone today... i was not in a people mood!!... work was okie... i worked with ken-the new guy, wendy and phil... i didn't have to straighten much or be @ the register, so i was content.

i wish i could go back to CO and see some of my old friends... i'm talking to jenny right now and she was telling me about 1 of my old friends who's pregnant and going to have her baby in like a week, and then she tells me about all these other people who she see's @ work, and i wish i could see some of them again!!... i like just want to visit... not stay there or anything, but sometimes i just want to go back, as horrible as it sometimes was, i miss it... here is good, but right now nothing feels very secure or stable, and i don't know anyone, like everyone else does, from like back in the 4th grade... there i do... i dunno, i have just been thinking a lot. probably a little too much.

kk, goodnight all. not that anyone cares, but oh well, goodnight ne ways.
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