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[26 May 2003|04:55pm]
im @ radioshack right now,exciting, huh?? lol
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LaLaLa... [08 Mar 2003|02:22am]
[ mood | happy ]

hi all... tonight me and lenny went out... it was lots of fun... 1st we went to chili's, and we didn't have to wait @ all, even though it was busy, so that was very cool, and lauren and carlos showed up too, but they left quickly... did y'all even eat anything??... then, we went to the movies and saw bring down the house (i think that was the name), which was okie, it was funny, but kinda ghetto (literally), then i saw becca, who goes to fau now, and i was telling lenny bout her earlier, so that was pretty cool to see her there, then we sat in my car and talked for a while, which was cool, then i took him home, b/c his car is in the shop till tomorrow, and he said he'd teach me to drive a stick, so that i can drive his mustang, i was like, yay!... so, ne ways... my night was fun, and now i am sleepy... night night time has come upon me...

good night all...

Love always,

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Too Much TV... [05 Mar 2003|04:03pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i am sick today. i called into work, and have been watching tv basiclly all day long. i wonder how i got sick, b/c i am sick of being sick, it's not happy @ all, and the worst part is that i hardly have a voice, so i cannot talk for very long before there is nothing left, which is so no fun.:(

so, tony called me a lil while ago, but i have no cell minutes, so i didn't answer, and also i have no voice, so yeah... i wonder what his voice mail says... i'll look lataz... hhmmm... lenny didn't call/message me today... oh well, he called last night, so that made me happy:)

ne ways, i have come to the conclusion that no one wants to give me a credit card, which is probably a good thing, but i want 1 just in case something comes up, like my car breaks or i find a really cute outfit and i am broke... you know... the important things in life, hehe.

kk, well, i think i'm gonna take a nap, i hope i have a voice tomorrow *crooses fingers*

Love always,

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*Shakes Booty* & *giggles*... [03 Mar 2003|12:30am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i am in a very amused mood... i dunno why, but i am... i am such a slacker @ updating and so is everyone else, i see... oh well...

ooo... i love eminem's new song... it's on... he's SO fucking hott... *stares @ em. calander & drools* hehe... so, i filled out my FAFSA online tonight, i feel very accomplished, now i just need to get myself accepted to college, which i am going to work on tomorrow morning... i hope it works *crosses fingers & toes*

so, i went to the beat club the other night... SOOO much fun... omgoodness... i loved it... all the guys i danced with were like, damn, you're a mad good dancer... i know how to shake what my mamma gave me- hehe. this 1 guy told me i make him sweat just watchin me dance, i was like, whoo!!... yeah, i love to booty dance, it is great, and like right now i am very happy, i dunno why, but i just feel very accomplished and adult-like, well i am now, but not only b/c i turned 18, but b/c i am graduating soon, and i'm not going to be living @ home anymore, and i'll be off to college next fall, and i have so much to look forward to with all that, and also getting a new job or transfering with my job, and getting an apt., and clubbin' every weekend, and meeting new people, and so much fun stuff... i am just all excited!!

i think the reason why i am so hyper right now is b/c i took a 4 hour nap this afternoon/evening... it was some much needed sleep, so i am off to do some alg. 2 work- maybe, lol.

buh byez all!! *waves@everyone*

Love always,

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Fuck You, Suzie... [23 Feb 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yeah, that is how i feel right now... me and daniel are not together anymore *sighs* *cries*... i guess it's for the best, and things were never completely normal in the 1st place, and he was inlove with his ex the whole time, but he just made me happy, and we all know that i am a dependent person, and i like to be in a relationship, so i dunno... he still has my tlc and 50 cent cd's, but i don't want to call him to get them back, b/c it will just hurt too much to talk to him, so unless he calls me i do not plan to call him... i think he thinks we'll still be friends and whatnot, but he knows i'm not happy, b/c he was like, you don't have to pretend to be happy, and i was like, i'm not... trust me... so, yeah... well, fuck me, again and again and again... i think i'm gonna go and cry myself to sleep, b/c staying awake just hurts too much... night night all... i hope everyone's night was better than mine... bye bye.:'(

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Holla If Ya Hear Me... OoooOOoooooOOOooooooo... [07 Feb 2003|11:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

love it when you look @ me baby...

i love that song, hehe.

ne ways, i am home... today was kinda depressing... i woke up, then went back to sleep, then woke up again... talked to carlos, watched tv, lauren and carlos came over, watched some more tv, looked @ my stitched, got scared and almost fainted, took some drugs, went to sleep, daniel called, carlos called, watched some more tv, wrapped nanny's present, talked to hazel on the net, lauren text messaged me, lauren and carlos came to visit me again, and now i am here... wasn't my day exciteful?!?!... oh yes *rolls eyes @ my day*...

today my mommy bought me a pink sapphire and diamond ring... it's SO pretty!!... tomorrow we're going to port st. lucie to visit my nanny... i'm excited, b/c i haven't seen her in almost 3 years, but i am also tired and want to stay home and nap, but i want to see my nanny, so that is where i am headed for the weekend... i hope i can convince my mom to take my car, b/c it's so much cuter, and it's tinted, so it wont be as hot, and also it's just my car, so of course i'm going to favor it!!...

i am being deprieved of 3 things that i either love or enjoy greatly!!...
1. talking as much as i'd like to
2. driving
3. kissing/sex
it's driving me crazy being deprieved of these 3 things!!... they're like my 3 fav. things and nope, i can't do any of them, except for talking, but i am deprieved of that too, b/c i keep losing my voice!!:(

well, i think i may go night night soon... i dunno yet... i'm tired, but i'm not... i can't decide... hhmmm *ponders tiredness*

kk, night night all...

Love always,

P.S. adam and gina... i called both of you today, and y'all say I am bad with calling ppl. back, ppsscchhtt!!

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You Suck My Burton Like a Hard Smoked Pipe... [03 Feb 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

lol@me... i amuse myself WAY too easily, can anyone tell??

so, i am in a MUCH better mood today, than my last entry!! YAY!!... daniel called me saturday, so i was a happy camper and we went to see biker boyz, it was good, and kinda sad... i almost cried like 2 or 3 times, hehe. then, we were leaving and we got to my car and 2 crack heads *coughgina&carloscough* wrote lil notes in the dew on my car, so me and daniel were all trying to read them, then i opened the door and there's a note on my steering wheel, b/c we left the door unlocked, so i was pulling out and gina and carlos popped out and scared the crap outta me, then we went to get gas, and daniel saw a car driving around without any lights and guess who?? lol... stalkers!!!!!... hehe, it was funny though... i love being stalked!!... LOVE IT!!... right, gina??...

ne ways... i am still afaird to have surgery, but there are a lot of people who are gonna be thinking bout me, and praying for me, even though i am not very religious or anything, i still consider myself catholic and i do pray and believe in praying, so it works!!

well, my people, i am off... i don't know when i will be updating again, b/c i don't know when i will be home next... i'm supposed to go to port st. lucie this weekend too, so sometime or another y'all will here from me again... wish me luck on wed. all, K?K!

Love always,

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Sad and All Alone... [31 Jan 2003|11:29pm]
[ mood | sad ]

that is kinda how i am feeling right now... i called daniel back after he called me while @ chili's and no answer... he's probably out back camping, and doesn't have his phone with him, even though i told him i would call him when i was finished eating... i am just very much depressed... i haven't seen him since tuesday, and it is now almost saturday, and next week, after wednesday i wont see him till i don't even know when, b/c i am not allowed to drive until after the 13th. i just want to be loved or @ least cared for... i think i overanalyze things, and i know how our relationship is and all, but i need more right now... i'm scared, so scared of next wednesday, i just want to cry, oh wait... i am. i don't mean to whine, i just need to vent, b/c there is no one that wants to talk to me right now, and i feel so very alone... well, i guess i will go and cry myself to sleep... such excitement... good night all, i hope everyone else is having a better night than me.

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[30 Jan 2003|10:48pm]
(1)What is your name?: suzie

(2) Are you happy with it?: yes, it's cute.

(3) Are you named after anyone?: no, but my name has this long ass story to go along with it.

(4) Your nickname: suzie q marie, suzie ma q, etc...

(5) Your screenname: otownchickita and others...

(6) Would you name a child of yours after you?: no, no one else can have my name.

(7) Then what would you name your children?: isabella, bianca, i like the name amanda sorta too, i dunno why, lol...

(8) If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?: my mommy was going to name me bobby, lol.

(9) If you could switch names with a friend, who would it be?: i don't think i would, i like my name.

(10) Are there any mispronounciations/typos that people do with your name constantly?: yes, they call me susan, which i cannot stand!!... or they call me sussy.... i'm like, no... it's really NOT that hard... suZanne... suZie.

(11) Would you drop your last name if you became famous?: probably, b/c no one can pronounce that either.

(12) Your gender: female

(13) Pets: none.

(14) Single?: no. we're going out without the label, so we're exclusive, so i wouldn't date anyone else.

(15) Do you like snow?: i wouldn't want to live in it again, but i wouldn't mind visiting a snowy place for a short period of time.

(16) Do you have a crush? daniel, hehe.

(17) Your birthdate: february 20th, 21 days, whoo!!:)

(18) Age you act: it depends on where i am, who i am with and what i am doing.

(19) Age you wish you were: 18 or 21, but 18 is MUCH, MUCH sooner, so we'll go for that!!

(20) Your height: 5'6"

(21) The color of your eyes: honey green

(22) Happy with it?: yes, they look so green lately, i love em!!

(23) The color of your hair: auburnish

(24) Happy with it?: not really, i need to dye it again very much soon... i've got some unhappy roots going on!!

(25) Left/right/ambidextrous?: righty

(26) Your living arrangement?: in an apt w/ my mommy

(27) Your family: is quite prudish.

(28) Have any pets?: see above.

(29) What's your job?: mens dept @ jcp.

(30) Piercings?: 2 in each ear.

(31) Tattoos?: none, but me, gina and lauren went looking to get ideas for tattoos today... i want one on my lower back and 1 on my hip and 1 somewhere else, but i dunno where yet!!

(32) Obsessions?: shopping for clothes, shoes, purses, etc...

(33) Addictions?: sex, lol.

(34) Do you collect anything?: duckie stuff, purses.

(35) Do you speak another language?: bits and pieces of a few languages, bu mostly dirty things!! hehe.

(36) Have a favorite quote?: yes... 'never frown, b/c you never know who may be falling inlove with your smile.'

(37) Do you have a webpage?: no, me and lauren never made ours, oopsies!!

(38) Do you live in the moment?: i try to.

(39) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: yeah, usually.

(40) Do you have any secrets?: some.

(41) Do you hate yourself?: no.

(42) Do you like your handwriting?: it's okie sometimes.

(43) Do you have any bad habits?: procrastonation.

(44) What is the compliment you get most from people?: i have a pretty smile, they lkike my hair when it's completely straight and how perfect my eyeliner is.

(45) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: uummm... too much drama... i dunno, lol.

(46) What's your biggest fear?: being lonely and unloved and heights.

(47) Can you sing?: yeah, when i actually try... i love to sing!!

(48) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: no.

(49) Are you a loner?: no.

(50) What are your most important priorities in life?: my mommy, my friends, daniel, graduating, surviving through my surgery.

(51) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: yes.

(52) Are you a daredevil?: sort of.

(53) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: i fear becoming fat again constantly.

(54) Are you passive or aggressive?: both...

(55) Have you got a diary?: yeah, lauren got me a pretty tinkerbell one for christmas!!:)

(56) One thing you want more than anything in the world: to be loved and cared for.

(57) Why?: b/c i am a dependent person and i need lots of loving.

(58) There are three wells: riiight... you are so done.

(59) How do you vent?: i yell and whine.

(60) Do you think you are emotionally strong?: sometimes yes, sometimes no... i really do not know to tell you the truth.

(61) Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: a few things, but i can't change anything now, so i don't let them bother me too much!!

(62) Do you think life has been good so far?: since i moved here, yes.

(63) Do you think you are good looking?: yeah, from what others tell me.

(64) Are you confident?: yeah, i try to be.

(65) Do people know how you feel?: about??

(66) Are you perceived wrongly?: sometimes... a lot of people think i am mad snobby, but i am not... i swear!!:)

(67) Talk to strangers who IM you?: only if they're nice to me.

(68) Drive fast?: yes, i have a led foot.

(69) Who's your best friend?: just 1?... no, i have 4...

(70) How long did it take you to fill out this survey? too long.
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I'm Turning My Pages... [26 Jan 2003|11:24pm]
hehe... that song was on, and i was greatly humored earlier!! hehe...

ne ways... i have been such a slacker with updating my journal... shame on me... hehe... so, let's see what's been going on in suzie land... i'm having surgery next week... that's scary!!... uummm... i got my nails done on sat... they are SO pretty!!:)... i went to see darkness falls with daniel, gina, carlos and eric... it was a good movie, a bit short, but none the less good!!...

kk, well, i am too lazy and sleepy to update anymore... maybe i will again sometime soon... night night all!!

Love always,
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Borderline Zero... [14 Jan 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | flirty ]


hi all... i haven't updated in such a long time... i've been mad busy, so that is my excuse as to why i have not updated...

i enjoy my last entry... tell me is SUCH a good song... it's my fav. song right now, and i bought the cd, so i can listen to it 24/7, hehe... i'm such a dork!... i realized that i have gotten/boughten 7 cd's in the past month, and i am buying the khia cd on friday, b/c it's a mad good cd!!... right, lauren??... very dirty, but none the less good!!:)...

ne ways... i called FGCU tonight and they said that they got my application on jan. 3rd, so i was like, yay!!... then, i tried to apply to edison, just in case, ya know, but it was being ghetto and didn't work, so i emailed them and hopefully they can help me out, or else i'll just go and ask in the office @ edison tomorrow...

my college classes are okie... i have government, economics and advanced composition 2, now i was SO not informed of this advanced comp. class, but i like english, so it's okie!!... and i have fun people in my classes too... in gov. me, lauren, jen, katie, keith and jared are in there, then in econ. me, lauren, jen and jared, and john is nice too, except when he is whatevering lauren, right lala??... lol... show him some more boobies!! hehe... ne ways... then, in english me, lauren and amanda are in there, and that's cool too, so i am slightly amused... me and lauren were funny today and yesterday listening to her khia cd... lets k-wang w/it and lick it... hehe...

i'm listening to a song called, 'let's get naked,' hehe.

ne ways... i was such a dork tonight!!... i went to daniel's after he got home from the gym, and i got out of my car, and left my keys inside, b/c we were going to leave in a few, so it didn't matter, so i went to go in my car, and i had locked my damn keys in the car!!... i was SO pissed!!... so, we tried to open my car up with a wire hanger by the light of a lighter... very ghetto... lol... then, i tried to push the window down, b/c it worked @ melon's last year, but it didn't go over very well tonight, then i told him to open it by my trunk, but apparently you have to get a hammer and fuck up the whole lock, so i was like, nevermind, lol... ne ways... so, i had to call my mom to bring me a spare key, so not cool!!... oh well... i was happy we got to spend time together tonight... it was fun!!:)

well, i need to go night night soon... i wish i didn't have school tomorrow, b/c i have a really big urge to put all my cd's in my new cd stand, and clean off my desk and organize my closet, but it would take me forever to do so, so no...

kk, goodnight all... i'll write again one of these days... i promise... hehe... buh byez... *waves*

Love always,

ne ways... tonight i was such a dork... daniel called me when he got home from the gym and

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Tell Me... [14 Jan 2003|11:16pm]
Yea this right here
is goin out to all them girls out there
that did me n south wrong , ya kno?
tell you a lil story its the reason

love, hate, mistakes, tell me wacha think is goin on
debates, all day tell me wacha think is goin on
too late ,heartbreak tell me wacha think is goin on
wats goin on wats goin on

yo, eh yo me n miss thang
we were the perfect team
we had all the things all them other couples fiend
love, trust, good sex, and security
if you ever felt weak Smilez was your energy
trips across seas, showed you the finer things
no more burger king it was fine dine, cuisine
and if it never had it, i dont think it mattered
we were a classic like nas in illmatic
i was so deceived, i thought we had a thing
you used to blow my 2 way up wit 143's
da L-O-V had me blind i wouldn't had seen
not trustin my friends, all they were yellin at me
how can you do me so wrong, i dont wanna get gone
i invested three years ma, plus this song
im so confused, where to go? how do i choose?
i guess to find real love i gotta pay my dues

love, hate, mistakes, tell me wacha think is goin on
debates, all day tell me wacha think is goin on
too late ,heartbreak tell me wacha think is goin on
wats goin on wats goin on

it seems so good, yo we used to chill in the hood
you made me feel that tingle in my heart like nobody could
and all the long we stood, when times was hard
even before all this rap shit made me a star
when i was working two jobs, just to survive
when i felt like killin myself you kept me alive
wat a pair, me n you, we was a match
different tastes, but you kno opposites attract
by my side, held my head, and kept me strong
still trying to figure out, where the hell we went wrong
i did wat i can, young cat being a man
stayed and weathered the storm, when most would of ran
too much pride, and you kno men dont cry
had to let you go even though it hurt inside
all by myself, now i had to turn to these rhymes
its the only way i kno to release my mind.
love, hate, mistakes, tell me wacha think is goin on
debates, all day tell me wacha think is goin on
too late ,heartbreak tell me wacha think is goin on
wats goin on wats goin on

its been a while yea you kno time goes fast
let me tell you though, some things still dont pass
sit back in the pad, think about the times we had
try not to let it make me sad, or make me mad
im tryin to move on wit my life, the wound is healed
yea im juss speakin it real, im ready to feel
ready to provide for my seed, a man now
bet you cant believe its me

you ruined a good thing and all of our dreams
tryin to lock me down a lifetime in the beam
monitoring my calls, griping at my dawgs
i never really understood the cause
my friends were your friends
your friends were my friends
your doe was my doe
my doe is my doe
mano y mano
we'll fought this weather,
and everybody thats been throught it
then sing it together.
love, hate, mistakes, tell me wacha think is goin on
debates, all day tell me wacha think is goin on
too late ,heartbreak tell me wacha think is goin on
wats goin on wats goin on
[Repeat til fade]
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It's the End of the World as We Know It... [31 Dec 2002|03:25am]
[ mood | happy ]

well, well, well... i made it through another year, whoo!!... let's remenise and see what i can come up with with memories of 2002...

crazy schedules... friends fighting... orlando... epcot... basmat... i love appliances!!... islands of adventure... energy drinks... ft. myers... sarasota... tampa... malls... shopping... college visits... playing pool... motorcycle games... friends lost... friends gained... lies... backseat of wally... hoochie hoops... mr. president... mrs. congresswoman... wal*mart night... eating out too much... staying up too late... late night convos. ... future/college worries... rumors... gossip... driving on golf courses... driving on the sidewalk... parking lot talks... my 1st speeding ticket... sexy army men @ war in bean dip(was that 2002 or 2001?!?! i forget, lol)... beauty and the beast... senior trick or treat... syfur @ melons... drunken parties... all my different hairs colors... all my diff. hair colors... strawberry blonde... burgandy... auburn... hook-ups... 3rd hour *yuck*... uno... going to the movies... sexy saturday nights... tanning @ the beach... getting kicked out of parks... my mommy's new car... secrets... promises broken... presents @ christmas... friends being together again:)... holla-ing... daniel:)... shorty...

kk, well, that is all i can think of for right now... i'm getting a bit sleepy, so my brain is not completely functioning right now...

so, today was prouctful... lauren spent the night... we attempted to apply to college @ her house, till her bro and his ghetto friends came... then, i came home... got ready for work... the deacon and his wife were over blessing our place, so he blessed me, which was kind of weird, b/c i still do believe in my religion, but i just don't really practice it, besides saying my prayers @ night... so, me and bill worked tonight... me and carlos breaked together, and i got my eminem calander... it's kinda confusing... it's not like a regular calander... i guess you just have to see it to understand... so, after work me, gina, lauren and carlos went to see james bond, and it was actually pretty good... i wanted the hover crafts, and the nice ass cars.... oohhh... and i wanted the fun plane-racer looking thing... oh, and the ice hotel... that was da shit!!... so, ne ways... after that i drove carlos home and i went to daniel's, and we hung out in his room for a few and his kittie are SO cute, hehe... the 1 was all happy, and purring, i was like, aawww... so, then we decided to find 1 of his friends, but he ha left work already, so we drove and foud kawanis park, and we walked the li trail and got to the covered bench area, and it was so nice out, with all the brids and frogs and different animls and all the sounds... we were all amused... then, he gave me his gold chain... i was like, aawww... so, i am wearing it!!:)... then, a cop came by and scared the shit outta me, but it was okie, then now i am here typing this and chatting and whatnot... so, i'm gonna go night night now... tty'all lataz, K?K!


Love always,

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Tight Hips Huggers, Low for Ho... Shake a Little Somethin' on the Floor... [29 Dec 2002|01:50am]
yay, i got the new christina cd... it is highly amusing!!... it's all carlos' fault, lol...

ne ways... i have been such a slacker with updating, so i shall update what's been up now...

so, friday night daniel (this yummy boy) called me, and we went out... we had planned to do so like a few days before... so, we went to the movies, but there wasn't anything of interest out, then we went to bowl, but csmic bowling didn't start till like 11, and it was only 8:30ish, so we went to the beach, and it was so cold, but he kept me all warm-like, and he kept telling me how gorgeous i was, and everything and i felt so very much special, then we went to his friends house, and that was interesting, lol... nothing else said, but interesting, lol... then, today i worked, shopped on my break, and got some really cute hip hugger jeans, and 2 really cute shirts for like work and to look pretty in, then i came home... called gina, b/c she called me, but she was with kel @ her house, so i called carlos, and me and him decided to go to ft myer's, which was fun... we shopped... chilled... ate... etc... then, we went to wal*mart and danie called me again to tell me he didn't go to any parties, so i dropped carlos off and went over to his house and spent a lil while there... his puppy is so cute.. aawww:)... we had fun, just chilling and talking and whatnot... he's so sweet!!:)

kk, well, i think it's night night time... i have to work tomorrow, such joy, but wendy and becca are gonna be there, and i think lacy too, so it's all good!!:)

buh byez.

Love always,
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ChesNUTS Roasting on an Open Fire... [24 Dec 2002|10:09pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

jack frost nipping @ your nose...

now, do those lyics really make sense??... you're obviously sitting by the fire if your nuts are roasting, so therefore jack frost should not be nipping @ your nose... k, i'm done.

ne ways... the other night (sunday night) me, lauren, gina, kelly and carlos all went to gina's house and had our lil christmas party... 1st we ate yummy luigi's pizza, then we chilled around the tree and opened presents... i got a tinkerbell journal, the j.lo remix cd, a black cordless phone, a fun plaid purse, a waterball, lots of nail polish, a martini glass, etc etc... that's all that i can remember right now, but you get the point... we were ALL highly amused... then, after that was proceeded to ms'mores, lol... that didn't exactly go over very well, but it was okie... how come when people make s'mores on tv and in movies they are always SO perfect?!?!... lol... oh well.

my mommy made me go to church tonight... blah... kara quick was there... did expect to see her there, then this girl named barbie, wh graduated lie 2 years ago sang, and i remembered her from chorus... i'm not too fond of her, she was SO much of a suck-up, but she was nice to me when i 1st moved here and all, so maybe i shouldn't be all i don't like her...

so, i just hung up my red christmas lights around my vanity mirror and aroud the bathroom door... they look SO pretty!!... my mom says it looks likemy room is a whore house... red lights... whore house... yeah, no... lol... they are pretty and look sexy, hehe!!:)

well, i need to go finish wrapping a few presents, then i think i'm going to watch beauty and the beast (oh yeah, i forgot i got that too, hehe... thank you lala!!:))... i hope daniel calls me tonight... he said he would try, but it's christmas eve, so i understand if he doesn't... he called last night and we are gonna go out probably on friday or maybe thursday... we'll see... yay!!:) im all excited-like... hehe.


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You're Pushing and Fighting Your Way... [13 Dec 2002|10:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i hate it when someone is mad @ me... why do i do the stupid things i do?!?!... i don't want any answers or comments on that ??, please... i am just asking myself... please, don't be mad @ me... you mean a lot to me, and i love you as my frinds, eventhough you don't think so... i promise i do... please forgive me!!:(

today was not very much fun @ all... school was yucky... i was sweating when i woke up, when i got out of the shower, and after that for like an hour or 2... it was horrible... then, in 3rd and 4th hour i was freezing cold, and my sweatshirt was damp, so that wasn't fun either, then @ work i thought i was going to die... i had lots of stuff to do and it was pretty busy, and i was feeling all yucky, and my customers weren't being very nice, so i was like about to cry 1/2 the time... like i haven't done that enough in the past few days...

tomorrow i have my act's, and i don't wanna play... i am so sick, and sitting there for like 4 hours does not sounds appealing @ all!!... i hope me and carlos are in the same class room... i don't want to be all by myself and lonely-like!!... well, i think it's night night time...

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Question Authority: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?!... [12 Dec 2002|12:10am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

lol... i find that humorous, and i know lauren and carlos do too... hehe...

ne ways... the doctor called my mommy while i was @ work today and said that there is for sure a sist(sp?!) on the vertabrae, in my throat, so i go back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully, since it's new, and little i wont have to have surgery or ne thing... i am scared, and my mom is not helping the situation!!... she's all paranoid and she's like no more chocolate, no more caffiene, no more fast food, and i was like, ew, i don't eat out that often, are you calling me fat and putting me on a diet?!?!... and i like started to cry, and she was like, no... you aren't fat, you just need to eat healthy and take care of yourself, b/c you get sick too often and blah blah blah... yeah, i still think she was calling me fat!!... i hope i get better soon... with this and being sick... it's like blah!!

ne ways, i got my evaluation back for my quarter grade for ojt from manager tonight and i got all 4 out of 4's this time... i am sooooo proud!!... and he also wrote a comment saying i am very mature, and i am the best high school student he's had the pleasure to work with... i am like, yay!!:) i am so loved!! hehe. lol... phil(my dept. manager) found this piece of paper saying something about tattoos and piercings and he was like, hhmmm... and i was like, what are you gonna get pierced phil?!... your nose, your labret?!... and he was like, i was thinking about something else... i was like, aw, you are dirty!!... and he was like, i'm not the dirty one, you are th one who's thinking dirty and blushing, so i hid behind a manican, lol... it was funny... i guess you had to be there, but it was amusing... i blushed a lot today, lol... ken, robert and alex told me i was blushing when they said i looked really good today and my hair was all fun-like, and alex was like, she's blushing b/c she knows it's true... lol... it was cute... he's cute, but i think he's too old, and he's not my type ne ways, but he's fun to talk to and whatnot!!...

k, so lately i have this obsession with watching mtv from 10-1... lol... like i watch whatever is @ the 10 spot, then it's usually a re-run of something @ 111, then @ 12 all things rock is on, and i am obsessed with this show/countdown... i dunno why... benji and joel are hot for 1, and good music for another... so, there are my reasons, lol...

okie, well, i should go night night soon... i have to go in early to make up 2 quizzes for world religions, b/c i didn't go yesterday or today... such a slacker i am... it was SO lauren's fault... lol... im j/k lala!!:)

bye bye all...

Love always,

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Catholic School Girl Gone Bad... [11 Dec 2002|12:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i want a shirt that says that, but i cannot find it anywhere!!:(... ggrrr!!... me and lauren were talking bout that subject... of catholic girls being naughty... yeah, that would be me... hence the reason i want the shirt!!

ne ways... my throat hurts... i went to the doctor friday... i hate being sick... it's SO not fun @ all. so, today me, lauren, gina and carlos went to wal*mart, then we picked up gina's bro. from school, which was amusing... we were all harrassing the lil middle schoolers, and while dirrty was playing in my car this stupid ghetto boy was all riding his bike like right next to my fucking car, so i was like yelling @ him and telling hm to gethe fuck away from my car... lol... it was funny... then, we dropped nic and carlos off @ work and went to big lots... that place is fun... who knew biglots had cool furniture... lol... i got my yummy barbie lotion... it's really sparkling rasberries, but it smells like a barbie, and i cannot find the spray ne where, cept target where its in like a 4 pack, which isn't cool @ all, so i figured the lotion would do.. okie, well i need to go night night.... bye bye all...

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*Shivers* [02 Dec 2002|10:34pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

i'm freezing... i have a sweater on, and the heat is on and i am still cold... i'm sick again, and it's not fun @ all!!... i stayed home from school today, i felt like crap and i also didn't feel like dealing with anyone today... i was not in a people mood!!... work was okie... i worked with ken-the new guy, wendy and phil... i didn't have to straighten much or be @ the register, so i was content.

i wish i could go back to CO and see some of my old friends... i'm talking to jenny right now and she was telling me about 1 of my old friends who's pregnant and going to have her baby in like a week, and then she tells me about all these other people who she see's @ work, and i wish i could see some of them again!!... i like just want to visit... not stay there or anything, but sometimes i just want to go back, as horrible as it sometimes was, i miss it... here is good, but right now nothing feels very secure or stable, and i don't know anyone, like everyone else does, from like back in the 4th grade... there i do... i dunno, i have just been thinking a lot. probably a little too much.

kk, goodnight all. not that anyone cares, but oh well, goodnight ne ways.

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Just So Overrated... [02 Dec 2002|12:28am]
i should be in bed, b/c i have to wake up @ 5:30, but i am not... talking on the net, thinking, and crying @ the same time... not a great combination, but what can ya do??... i don't think anyone understands my feelings right now... so, i don't know if i should tell them or not... i run the risk of irritating people, i am sure... or maybe i am just being pessimistic and should open my eyes and be an optimist tonight... ne ways... i want things to be okie... i am sorry to anyone that i have decived or lied to... i am a bitch... im sorry... i just want things normal again...
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